Oliphint and Properties

[Scott Oliphint] means that some properties inhere in God essentially and others inhere in him relationally. For Oliphint, “properties” are not things in themselves, but features of another thing’s existence or expression in the world, e.g., God’s self-expression in the world. Ultimately, he locates “covenant characteristics” of God in God’s revelatory self-expression in the world, not in God properly speaking.


Not all “properties” or “characteristics” inhere in God properly speaking; but all of them are true of God in some sense. Immutability inheres in God. Relenting, on the other hand, is truly predicated of God but does not inhere in him....covenant characteristics do not inhere “in God” but are truly predicated “with respect to God” in some way.


Matt Fortunato, Reconsidering Covenant Characteristics: A Study on God, Creation, and The Mediating Son, pg. 3