The Polisher

Stephen Charnock wrote, “The goodness of God makes the devil a polisher, while he intends to be a destroyer.”30 This polishing makes our metal shine. Indeed, God’s wisdom rules over Satan’s schemes so that the devil accomplishes God’s plans.

Charnock, The Existence and Attributes of God, in Works, 2:364.

Joel R. Beeke and Mark Jones, A Puritan Theology: Doctrine for Life (Grand Rapids, MI: Reformation Heritage Books, 2012), 193.

Absent-Thinking Education of the negative consequences of a practical emphasis is that one can proceed apace through every program of education, including a doctorate, and never undertake the type of study that used to be touted as foundational for any true, meaningful, and lasting education.


An education that is focused on practice may produce employment, but it may also produce a society wherein reading, thinking, studying, meditating, synthesizing, and persuading are virtually absent. Witness, for example, any televised political debate. No matter which side of the political spectrum one is on, to call what happens on television within an hour or two a debate is, from the perspective of history, laughable.


Infinite to the Finite

[Kant] is right that we cannot move from the finite to the infinite, but he has not considered that the infinite has moved to the finite. In that light, Kant hasn’t even broached the most basic truths of the Christian God. Only a god who has not condescended to be the Lord could be reduced to a pure concept. The true, triune God, who is the Lord, has come from the infinite to the finite.


Medieval Effects of Sin

During the Middle Ages, insufficient attention was given, in general, to the problem of sin as it relates to our reasoning process.... Because the effects of sin were thought to be less extensive in their application to us (as compared with Reformation thought), in that sin was not seen as radically affecting our reasoning, there was an improper view of the faculty of reason, especially with respect to reason’s ability to understand and discern God’s revelation and his existence.